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Comparison of lymphedema in patients with axillary lymph node dissections to those with sentinel lymph node biopsy followed by immediate and delayed ALND

N. K. Kuwajerwala; C. Feczko; N. Dekhne; J. Pettinga; V. C. Lucia; J. Riutta; F. Vicini 2013

Six-year experience routinely using moderate deep inspiration breath-hold for the reduction of cardiac dose in left-sided breast irradiation for patients with early-stage or locally advanced breast cancer

T. Swanson; I. S. Grills; H. Ye; A. Entwistle; M. Teahan; N. Letts; D. Yan; J. Duquette; F. A. Vicini 2013

The american board of radiology holman research pathway: 10-year retrospective review of the program and participant performance

P. E. Wallner; K. K. Ang; A. L. Zietman; J. R. Harris; G. S. Ibbott; M. C. Mahoney; D. G. Mezwa; L. D. Wilson; G. J. Becker 2013

New considerations for ADT in advanced prostate cancer and the emerging role of GnRH antagonists

N. D. Shore; P. A. Abrahamsson; J. Anderson; E. D. Crawford; P. Lange 2013

A phase II study of conventional radiation therapy and thalidomide for supratenatorial, newly-diagnosed glioblastoma (RTOG 9806)

B.M. Alexander; M. Wang; W.K. Yung; H.A. Fine; B.A. Donahue; I.W. Tremont; R.S. Richards; K. J. Kerlin; A.C. Hartford; W.J. Curran; M.P. Mehta

Patterns of recurrence in stage I endometrioid endometrial adenocarcinoma with lymphovascular space invasion

F. Simpkins; A. Papadia; C. Kunos; C. Michener; H. Frasure; F. AbuShahin; A. Mariani; J. N. Bakkum-Gamez; L. Landrum; K. Moore; S. G. Thomas; A. Windhorn; P. G. Rose 2013

An Analysis of Leukapheresis and central venous catheter use in the randomized, placebo controlled, phase 3 IMPACT trial of Sipuleucel-T for metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer

R. C. Flanigan; A. J. Polcari; N. D. Shore; T. H. Price; R. B. Sims; J. C. Maher; J. B. Whitmore; J. M. Corman 2013

A Cost Comparison Analysis of Adjuvant Radiation Therapy Techniques after Breast-Conserving Surgery

T. Lanni; M. Keisch; C. Shah; J. Wobb; L. Kestin; F. Vicini 2013