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Combining targeted agents with modern radiotherapy in soft tissue sarcomas

Wong Philip, Houghton Peter, Kirsch David, Finkelstein Steven, Monjazeb Arta, Xu-Welliver Meng, Dicker Adam, Ahmed Mansoor, Vikram Bhadrasain, Teicher Beverly, Coleman Norman, Wang Diane 2014-In Press

Combining Immunotherapy and Radiation for Prostate Cancer

Steven E. Finkelstein, Sharon Salenius, Constantine A. Mantz, Neal D. Shore, Eduardo B Fernandez, Jesse Shulman, Francisco A Myslicki, Andre Agassi, Yosef Rotterman, Todd DeVries, Robert Sims 2014-In Press

The Promise of Combining Radiation Therapy and Immunotherapy: Morbidity and Toxicity

Agassi A., Myslicki F., Shulman J., Rotterman Y., Dosoretz D., Fernandez E., Mantz C., Finkelstein S. 2014-In Press

Endovascular Brachytherapy for Renal Artery In-Stent Restenosis

Steven H. Silverman MD, Jessica B. Exline BS, Larry N. Silverman MD, Gray Swor MD, Stephen Patrice MD, Russell H. Samson MD 2014-Accepted

Role of Topical Vaginal Estrogen in the Treatment of Overactive Bladder

Fine, MS 2014

Challenges and recommendations for early identification of metastatic disease in prostate cancer

Crawford ED, Stone NN, Yu EY, Koo PJ, Freedland SJ, Slovin SF, Gomella LG, Berger ER, Keane TE, Sieber P, Shore ND, Petrylak DP 2014

Prospective Multi-Center Study Elucidating Patient Experience After Prostatic Urethral Lift

Neal D Shore, Sheldon Freedman 2014

Advances in the Understanding of Cancer Immunotherapy

Shore ND 2014