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Learn what to expect and how to prepare for your radiation therapy care.

Radiation Therapy Treatment & 21st Century Oncology

Preparing for radiation therapy treatment

The more you know about what to expect during your radiation therapy before it actually begins, the less stressful it will be. That is why we go to great lengths to prepare you with detailed information and answer all of your questions. As always, we encourage all of our patients to reach out to their 21st Century Oncology team whenever you feel uncertain or you are not sure what to do or what comes next.

The initial consultation

During this consultation, you will meet your 21st Century Oncology team and discuss your specific type of cancer, the most effective types of radiation used to treat it, the results you might expect from your treatment, and what will happen to you physically as you go through treatment. Learn how to prepare and questions to ask.

Your care team

At 21st Century Oncology, we surround each patient with an experienced team of professionals dedicated to every aspect of your radiation therapy treatment and care. Learn about each team member's roles and responsibilities

Patient safety

Radiation therapy delivery has become so precise that damage to surrounding healthy tissue — the primary cause of side effects commonly associated with radiation therapy treatment — is now minimized. We also go an extra step to ensure that you receive the exact dosage amount prescribed with our proprietary dosage assurance software.

Eating right during treatment

Proper nutrition is an important part of cancer treatment. The right diet can strengthen the body's defenses, promote healing and can result in a quicker recovery period. Along with physical activity, it can promote healing, maintain strength and help rebuild those normal cells that have been affected by the cancer treatment.

Tips for caregivers

Anyone who goes through cancer treatment will tell you that having someone to count on for emotional and practical support makes an enormous difference. At 21st Century Oncology, we understand how important you are to the radiation therapy treatment experience of your friend or loved one. We want you to know that throughout the entire process, we are here for you, too.