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Dr. Janette Gaw and Vera Owens Discuss Scope for Hope Event on Fox 4 WFTX

March 18, 2014

Dr. Janette Gaw and colon cancer survivor Vera Owens discuss Scope for Hope charity event on Fox 4 WFTX. The Scope for Hope charity event's goal is to raise funds and erase the stigma behind colorectal cancer, coinciding with Colorectal Cancer Awareness month, observed in March.

Dr. Susan Reisinger Honored for "19 Faces for Races" by Komen Race for the Cure

March 3, 2014

21st Century Oncology of Las Vegas Medical Director Dr. Susan Reisinger is being honored by the Southern Nevada Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen foundation as the 12th "Faces for Races" nominee. Susan Reisinger, MD is one of Southern Nevada's leading breast cancer specialists, and has been since she arrived here in 1998 after relocating from 21st Century Oncology's Florida headquarters. Upon the expansion of the radiation therapy treatment provider into the local market, she has been one of the leading experts who has been critical in the success of treating breast cancer in the area. She is part of a network of over 165 radiation oncology practices in North & South America and provides critical cancer care right here in Southern Nevada.